Destructive Ice

This is another photograph from Abraham Lake taken a few days ago. This lake is dammed so the water level decreases during the winter because any precipitation doesnt reach the lake itself. The lake freezes when it is relatively full, the water decreases forcing the ice to crush, sending it plummeting to its depths or forcing it up creating ice mountains. In this case the ice had been forced up and cracked into many pieces.

You can get a real feel for the thickness of this ice in this photograph. I tried to capture the different Blues from the scene, the colour of the ice was so surreal.

(This photo would not have been possible without the help of Dani’s Ice Cleats! Having attempted this 15% gradient polished ice several times I was about to give up when Dani offered her cleats up)

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One response to “Destructive Ice

  1. At first I thought you said the lake was damned. :) The composition is great, with the ice filling most of the photo and the distance of the mountain giving it a space it wouldn’t have if it was just ice alone.

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