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One of my submission for the Nat Geo 2012 Photo Contest has been shortlisted by the editors and you can vote for it to win the Viewers Choice awards!

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The image is called ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ the same as below:

Banff Loses 2 Wolves & Gains 6

Around 2 Months ago I had an incredible encounter with 3 Gray Wolves from the Bow Valley Wolf Pack. This was my first ever Wolf encounter and it lasted quite a while.

A fellow photographer friend spotted 2 Black figures rolling around in the distance, she knew instantly they were Wolves. Just off to the right was the Alpha Male of the pack. For some reason these Wolves were coming closer & closer to us, and the road. Eventually they walked right up onto the road behind us after glancing at us for a while. They soon disappeared so we continued driving but all of a sudden one Female pup runs out of the trees and stands in the middle of the road. We stopped to the side, turned off the engine and just watched.

This Female pup known as Kimi, really gave us a lot of time to photograph her before disappearing into the bush to catch up with the rest of the pack.

However, the thrill from this encounter was destroyed a few weeks ago when I discover that  she had been killed on the Highway. The bad news didn’t stop there, just 2 days after, another member of her pack was killed further down the highway. Taking the total number of Wolves in the Bow Valley down to 6.

Then a few days ago I opened the local newspaper to see 6 Wolf pups walking along the road. My first thought was how stupid this newspaper is to show these animals walking along the road, we don’t need anymore people looking for them on the road (especially during tourist season). My second thoughts were of excitement and how the Bow Valley Wolf Pack have been given another chance.

If you see these Wolf pups:


Motorists will not learn from Kimi’s death, on average a vehicle drives past where she was killed every 15 seconds throughout the day.

Please RESPECT all Wildlife & the Landscapes in Banff National Park, it is so fragile and anything as simple as dropping a few crumbs or stepping on a wildflower can have a huge impact. Drive Slower!

I havnt posted an update on here in months, I’ve just been far too busy shooting. Im literally squeezing this in just to let everyone know Im alive.

Summer is finally here, it wasn’t quite how I planned it to be, in fact its worked out ten times better. Lots of recent; news, updates, hikes, bikes, bear encounters, wolf encounters & much more.

Im away quite a bit this summer, spending as much time in the Backcountry as I can and having a few weeks on the West Coast of Canada.

More on that soon…

Here’s a photograph called ‘Two Jack Luck’ that has just been selected for the next gallery at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

Taken at Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park. Probably one of the more stunning sunrises I have seen this year, I’m considering it a turning point in my luck with sunrises. To get to these rocks I had to get my feet wet, it wasn’t even 60 seconds before I lost feeling in my feet but luckily a friend had rubber boots! Mt Rundle can be seen in the distance with the first sun hitting the summit.

Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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The Lake Louise Bear Anniversary

Exactly one year ago to the day I had the best Wildlife encounter of my life. One that I havn’t and won’t forget in a hurry.

I can still remember every detail of this moment, the Female Grizzly and her two cubs came running down the mountain side scree slopes to my right and slowly walked across the shores of Lake Louise right in front of me! It was just myself & a friend at the end of the Lake, no one else! I’m kind of glad though, my friend & I got to have this all to ourselves.

The Grizzlies soon reached the other side of the Lake and began making their way up the mountain side. At that time I didn’t really know what I had captured on my camera, I was still shaking when I reached the Chateau and only when I got home at the end of the day did I realize what I had seen. Then it sunk in.

Since then this photo has been shared worldwide through social media, in newspapers and featured on an installation in town.

I hope you like this one as much as I do.

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First Grizzly Bear Encounter of the Year

Yesterday I had my first Grizzly Bear encounter of the year and what a great one it was.

Known to locals as ‘Scarface’ was spotted on the railway tracks in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. My initial thoughts were for his safety because he was on a narrow stretch of the tracks and trains were approaching. Scarface is either very clever or really lucky, over the time myself & another photographer spent with him, four CP trains went by, each around one kilometer long.

Nonetheless it was still an incredible first encounter and I look forward to seeing more of this Grizzly Bear over the summer months.

Although it is Mid-Spring right now, the weather and temperature vary so much throughout the Rockies. Yoho National Park at the time was getting dumped on with snow so I got some great Winter-like images and then by the afternoon it was warm and the snow had melted so I had some great Spring images.

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